We offer a wide range of expert services that relate to information and cyber security. We have been praised, not only for providing expert solutions, but for providing clarity and pragmatic advice on complex issues.

What do we offer?

  • Best practice information security reviews of systems (some very large), devices, protocols and algorithms
  • Risk reviews of systems, devices, protocols and algorithms
  • Evaluation, due-diligence of security proposals
  • Review and authoring of security documentation
  • Support for intellectual property matters relating to security
  • Implementation and testing of security algorithms and protocols
  • Implementation and test of proof-of-concept security systems and prototypes
  • Contributing to client security and business strategy
  • Development and test of secure embedded applications
  • Security studies for influencing standards
  • Supply chain; expert support on security issues with suppliers
  • Supply chain; writing security requirements and scoring products
  • Sourcing security expert speaker(s) for client events
  • Providing respected security expert(s) as client Non Executive Directors and/or Advisory Board Members

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Why pick us?

Our clients have mainly been found through word-of-mouth recommendations, motivated by:

  • Top-class expertise from industry and academia
  • Extensive senior-level experience
  • Professional, reliable and timely project delivery
  • Trust, ethics and handling of confidential data
  • Ease of working, speed and flexibility
  • Fitting projects to client budgets and schedules

What to expect?

  • Initial response to enquiries from Director or Senior Consultant level; usually within two working days.
  • Exploratory call or meeting; usually set-up within one week.
  • Formal offer of support, with costed and scheduled project; usually within one more week, if requirements are clear.
  • Project work is carried out at locations of Crisp Telecom and Mayes Consulting, with planned meetings at client sites.
  • Overall, expect a convivial experience with timely delivery against your requirements.
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